Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Fishing Derby

On Tarawa, there is a fishing derby held on a Saturday each month.
Boats and fishermen register, go fishing for the day, and have to be
back at Captain's Bar by 5 pm to weigh their catch.

Captains is a pleasant little watering hole about 5 minutes
from where I work ... I finish work a 4:00 pm and have been
known to be working on a cold beer (XXXX from Quensland)
by 4:07 ... and that included the staff bus ride from school!

Seating next to the water ... always a cool breeze!

Ross (a former volunteer) with a nice yellowfin tuna.

Karotu with a lovely wahoo.
And Ross again with his prize winning sailfish ...
That was just some of the catch ... a good time was had by all
... except for maybe the German volunteer who was
sick and threw up on a dolphin!
Didn't think chumming was allowed!

I am hoping to land a spot on a boat next month ...


  1. Looks like a lovely place. Some nice fish being weighed there.
    Sam Parker :)