Saturday, November 5, 2011

Joy Ride!

Today I had the pleasure of accompanying some friends for a
speedy little boat ride across the Tarawa Lagoon,
to a lovely spot on North Tarawa.

Me, after a day of fun in the sun!

Our little ride.
Two 115 HP Yamaha outboard motors made it a speedy trip!

Our destination ... an abandoned (we think) "resort"
near the village of Nabeina (I think!), on North Tarawa.

The colours in the water along the way were just amazing.
Too bad a photo just doesn't do it justice!

A closer view of the "disused" resort.

My friends preparing for a little dip in the cool water!
Much of the facilities are still usable ... this was a lovely
little area for a picnic.


  1. The colours of the water truly are stunning, looks like you're having a great time. How's the actual work?

  2. I am finding the work quite enjoyable ... but you need to approach it with the right attitude. If you expect everything to happen like it might in the US or Australia, you could be frustrated. I quite like the way it happens ... a lot to be said about all the unnecessary pressure westerners put on themselves in the name of work ... and neglect of self and family.

  3. Wow Dennis, these photos are beautiful. I feel relaxed just looking at where you have been today. Thanks heaps for sharing and showing us what you are up to. XXXXX Trish, Rob and kids

  4. I was thinking how beautiful that water looked about the time I read how the pictures didn't do it justice. I would love to see it in real time! I know what you mean, when we moved to AK we got rid of our watches, and when we moved to Hoonah, everything was done on "hoonah time"! Enjoy life, it's way more important!