Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Marakei Scenery

Marakei ... a small atoll a few degrees north of the equator ...
about a 15-20 minute flight from Tarawa.
Air Kiribati can get you there for less than $40 one way ... well worth it!
Upon arrival (and after we organised our accommodation) we were given the obligatory anti-clockwise trip around the atoll ... to meet the goddesses of the atoll.
Luckily we were able to use motorbikes for the journey ...
much more comfortable (and fun!) than the back of a truck!
And who else to take us on the tour ... the Mayor, of course!
The Mayor told us the stories behind each person
and we left a gift to ensure our stay on the atoll was blessed.
We left a little tobacco in the shells that graced each shrine.
Once you have completed the anti-clockwise trip, you are part of the family and are able to travel at will. The reason behind the direction of travel is ... well, I can't tell you that, can I?
That would be divulging family secrets! You'll have to become family first!
Marakei has some lovely scenery, and I thought I'd show you a little on this posting. Much of what we've seen so far has consisted of coral shorelines ... it was nice to find some sandy beaches!
The coconut palms are the main source of raw materials and food in Kiribati.
They also grace some lovely views.
As an atoll, Marakei is one who's lagoon is nearly encased by coral land.
Here the land is encroaching into the lagoon.
What coconuts don't supply in the way of food, is made up for mainly by fish. If you don't want to spend all day, everyday, fishing (sounds horrible, doesn't it!), then you build a fish trap.
There were a few pretty good sized fish caught in this one.
Maybe you would rather snorkel for your dinner? That can be arranged as well.
Nice coral reefs with lots of life here. Of course the kids love to help you out as well.
Imagine leaving your young kids to play all day in the ocean ...
without worrying about them!
Not much surf while we were there ... but really ...
could anyone surf on an old piece of styrofoam packing?
Why yes they can! And quite well, I might add!
But this is what I love about this place ... the serenity!
Think I could see myself lying in a hammock outside my hut here
... sipping on a coconut or two!

Next post I'll show you a little of our accommodation and food ... make sure you aren't hungry when you look! Wouldn't want you drooling all over your keyboard! ;-)
(Disclaimer: Haven't proofread this post ... time to go ...)

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  1. Beautiful paradise you've visited there, Dennis.