Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Marine Training Centre, Tarawa

The MTC in Batio (pronounced Base-O)
gives I-Kiribati (pronounced E-Kee ree bus) young men training
which enables them to gain employment
in various capacities as ship's crew members.
Training is for 18 months, and the cadets, ranging in age
from about 18 to 28, come from all the islands of Kiribati.

I know the next time I see crew on a ship,
I will certainly look at them differently.

Here you see some cadets training on the Bridge Simulator.
And the navigation simulator ...
Yes, all cadets are known by a number ...
and they dress appropriately for the climate and job.
The centre is run like a ship, with two parades a day.
The cadets live on campus and get shore leave on weekends ...
if they earn it!
Cadets returning from a day of sea rescue training ...
The centre has a comprehensive range of safety vessels...
Staff say if there is a tsunami, head for the capsule that's
perched high on it's launching mechanism ...
only takes a second to launch!
Where I sit for lunch!
Usually a nice breeze blowing ...
won't get any complaints from me!


  1. Il me semble que vous avez trouvé votre paradis, non ?
    Vos amis à Adelaïde sont extrêmement jaloux de ce beau mode de vie.