Thursday, November 17, 2011

Off to Marakei

Heading off to Marakei for the weekend.
It's an atoll about a 15-20 minute flight north of Tarawa.
Apparently there are some very interesting traditions
practiced there ... such as all visitors must take a
counter-clockwise tour of the island the first day they visit!
Around the atoll there are 4 shrines at which you are also
expected to leave gifts (such as tobacco).
View from the Space Station
Accommodation and facilities are very traditional.
We will be sleeping in a kia kia and it is advised you
take some of your own water. Food will be whatever
is available ... looking forward to the adventure!

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  1. So Dennis, I just noticed, there is no Google Street View for these beautiful places. You should sign on for that "hardship" task. I see there is an airstrip on this atoll. Are there cars as well? I am having a challenge imagining exactly how big or small this atoll is. Thank you for sharing this amazing place.