Sunday, January 1, 2012

Marakei ... a sad side

A small cemetery on Marakei ...
What struck me was that the majority of graves were very small.

"There are currently sixteen doctors providing specialised medical care in Kiribati, with sixteen more scheduled to join them. Cubans have also offered training to I-Kiribati doctors. Cuban doctors have reportedly provided a dramatic improvement to the field of medical care in Kiribati, reducing the child mortality rate in the country by 80%.

As of September 2008, twenty I-Kiribati were studying medicine in Cuba, their expenses paid for by Cuba, with more expected to join them as Cuba increased the number of scholarships provided to Pacific Islander medical students. In December 2010, it was reported that thirty-three I-Kiribati had studied or were studying in Cuba, of which thirty-one were studying medicine."

The US removed its Peace Corps operation a few years ago, supposedly because of the "dangers" faced by its volunteers. Just so happened, it was the same time the Chinese left. With a change in government, there has been talk of the Chinese coming back ... guess what ... now there is talk of the Peace Corp returning.

I'll let you form your own opinions ...


  1. I just found your blog and have loved reading it! I am a half Australian/Kiribati girl and I too write about Kiribati on my blog

    Very interesting what you say about the Peace Corps returning. I was just speaking to relatives about this the other day. I'm very much keeping a close eye on the upcoming presidential elections to see what will happen with the country's relationship with China.

    Once again, thanks for the blog - great reading!


  2. Mauri Marita!
    Just read through some of your blog ... absolutely love hearing the I-Kiribati perspective. You say it so much better than me! Really touches home. Will read the remainder soon ... and hope everyone that visits here does as well.
    Tekeraoi in 2012 ao tia bo moa!

  3. Interesting info about the PC.